Thursday, February 17, 2011

Starting off right...

So, this is my first blog!! I guess I should just make this first one to catch up the past 2 years...I know it's a lot but I have to start somewhere. Drew and I met January 16, 2009.
We were kind of set up by my sister and her boyfriend (now husband). A group of us were going to Atlanta for the weekend for a concert and Drew and I were the only ones who had to work until 5pm on Friday. I picked him up after work and we headed for the ATL. We hit it off right when we got in the car. We talked and got to know each other for the 3 hour car ride. We went out with our friends and I told him I'd be back in Valdosta Sunday and if he wanted to give me a call to ever hang out. Well, he called the next day! He asked if I wanted to go out for dinner Sunday when I got back to town. We went to dinner and watched a movie. He called me everyday that week. I think it was the third day he called and said "I don't want you to feel like I'm trying to monopolize all of your time but I really enjoy hanging out with you." Of course I didn't mind. He even bought me a motorcycle helmet that first week (pink Hawaiian flowers!!).
 About a month after we started dating he found out he received a pilot training spot which meant he would be moving that August. We decided that we would spend as much time together as we could before he left so we could really get to know each other and if our relationship was worth being long distance. I tried to go see him at least once a month. I flew to Houston that Christmas and we really had a great time.

 We were at the mall and he asked if there were any stores I specifically wanted to check out while we were there. I said not really. The next thing that came out of his mouth floored me. I didn't even know what to say. He asked if I wanted to check out any jewelry stores. I asked "what for?" And from then on for the rest of the trip we were ring shopping. When I left Houston, I was expecting to get engaged later in the year (2010). When I was literally getting off the interstate back in Valdosta, Drew called and said "I want to get married now." I was shocked. We talked for about 2 hours and decided that the sooner the better. We knew that he would be moving again in the spring even farther than he already was. So, we got engaged on our one year anniversary in Birmingham and got married in March!

 I moved to Columbus, MS. Then in May we moved to Corpus Christi, TX. We enjoyed summer of being close do Drew's family who came to visit often. I mean, who doesn't love living at the beach!

 Drew graduated and pinned his wings in October 2010.

 In December we moved to Little Rock, AR. We are really enjoying the change of scenery from Corpus. There are lots of outdoors-ey things to do here. We are looking forward to spring!!


  1. Girl, I just found your blog. You know I am a blogging junkie. I can't wait to read and follow you!!! Love ya, and miss you!

  2. Thanks Lisa! I hope I can keep up with it. I'm having a hard time adding a background though from hot bliggity blog! I can't figure it out. Any suggestions? I always read your blog when you up the updates on FB. Love and miss you too!