Sunday, August 21, 2011

Long time gone

Wow! I just realized I haven't posted anything since February!! I thought I was going to be good at this whole blog thing...maybe not. So much has happened since then. Drew and I have since moved from Little Rock to Corpus Christi and from Corpus to Albuquerque (which I am absolutely in love with!) I will probably add a few entries to sum up the things we have done. From February to May we were pretty boring. I got a job while in Little Rock and we didn't do too much. (I will post an entry about Pinnacle Mountain...) The summer flew by with family visiting Corpus, a vacay to Cancun and moving out to Albuquerque. I also just got back from a trip to GA for 2 weeks! It was awesome! Now that I'm sitting here typing, I can't wait to post more entries about our mini adventures over the past few months!

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